This site is being designed as an aid, and a bit of a compendium into understanding the 12 Steps of Recovery. This resource is meant to be used by people in all fellowships, not as an absolute, but as a helper. This is my opinion, as taught to me in an original 12 step group, and how I have comprehended the steps, how I apply them to my life, and how they work for me.

It is not intended to be an absolute be all and end all to how the steps should be digested. There is no correct way to process the steps, there is no set method that trumps all. As it states in the big book of alcoholics anonymous, God will disclose more to you and to us.

This means that there is no one way. God, the Creator, Allah, The Universe, whichever you choose to call God, that one thing that one Power, is the ultimate decider, and as I believe, constantly recreates us, and itself, and ultimately that is for You to decide.